Motor Vehicle Insurance

The Royale Car Company Ltd realises that its clients require, in almost every case, their new vehicles to be fully and comprehensively insured. In almost every case when a vehicle is sold with finance, the finance company will also require the same.

Royale cars, prides itself, on being able to assist its clients in organising and ensuring that all new purchases are adequately and economically insured prior to delivery. 

We have associations with a number of traditional insurers, as well as with company’s, competent in insuring vehicles, perceived by the traditional insurers, to be a higher insurance risk, than others. 

We also realise that some of the vehicles we offer for sale will be of interest to younger and traditionally harder to insure people. We do have finance companies who guarantee reasonable insurance rates to those that fall into this category, when the vehicle purchased, is financed with them.
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Payment protection insurance

Don’t lose your car, if you lose your job!

Don’t lose your car, if you get sick, or stress out about making the payments if you do!

Don’t leave someone you care about with your debts if you leave us permanently!

Royale cars have got payment protection insurance – to protect you.

When we quote you weekly or monthly payments for your new vehicle, we’ll include this option for you and let you decide if that is a worthwhile option for you.

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The royale car company ltd does not contract out of the standard lmvd warranties, or the consumer guarantees act, in fact our company attitude is that all warrant of fitness able or warranty items that arise during the standard warranty period, are taken care of promptly, professionally, gracefully, and with the least amount of inconvenience to the client.

However, standard warranty’s often end all too quickly, and royale cars understands the need for our clients to have access to extended warranty’s that protect them from unforeseen, sometimes inconvenient, and often all too expensive repairs, further down the vehicle ownership track. We are pleased to be able to offer what we believe are the best extended warranty’s available on the market today.

Protecta warranty’s 

We have 12, 24, and 36 month warranty’s available. We also offer in conjunction with protecta warranty’s, a complimentary courtesy car, should your new vehicle be off the road for any reason at all, during the chosen warranty period. 

We would be delighted to discuss with you, the very favorable conditions and benefits of these warranty’s prior to purchase. 

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