About Us

Our Managing Director Chris Gibbs, was one of the first to become involved in Japanese imports and was one of the very first dealers to offer a mileage guarantee, and a guarantee that we do not import and offer "A" or "O" graded vehicles for resale. We produce original auction sheets from Japan so that you the buyer know exactly what you are purchasing. We have carried this philosophy through to the purchase and importation of exceptional late model European cars from Great Britain. We are trying to buy these cars with a difference in that we are trying to buy models not normally readily available in New Zealand. We purchase a lot of 6 speed manual and high performance cars as we recognise that 2nd time round buyers tend to be younger at heart and want to drive their European cars and want to buy that car at the lowest price possible and are confident buyers and don't mind sourcing that car from outside the normal Franchise network if it means serious savings. All the cars we purchase from the U.K are ex lease cars and come with a full service history.   We act with integrity in all aspects of our business.

We advertise extensively on The Internet (AutoBase & Trade Me).

Because we advertise nationally we expect and enjoy travelling to demonstrate our vehicles out of town, we are only a phone call away from your doorstep.

We are confident that we offer the very best vehicles in our chosen markets, at prices second to none. We recognise that clients using the internet are using this median to locate the highest quality vehicle at the best possible price. Obviously the majority of our internet enquiries come from out of town purchasers and we understand that in order to justify purchasing out of town, we need to be competitive enough to make the "perceived risk" or cost of doing so worthwhile. With this in mind we advertise our wonderful stock on the internet and on Television at the lowest possible "Special Prices".

Any other offer that the Royale Car Company Ltd may be advertising in any other median does not automatically apply to the "Special Prices" advertised on our Internet websites unless approved by Management. If you are unsure if any offer applies please phone one for clarification.

We are sure you will enjoy your dealings with our Company, so why not send us an email or give us a call today. One of our experienced, enthusiastic team will attend to your every need, and we guarantee you will experience competence, promptness of service, levels of enthusiasm, and courtesy never before experienced when buying a motorvehicle.