$3k Min Trade-in

Reasons for minimum trade in:

Buying a newer car should be an exciting experience, but can often become a frustrating one, especially when it comes to the old car you wish to trade in. Every dealer you visit seems to have a different opinion as to the trade in value they should offer for your car, usually with the buyer feeling that that the dealer is trying to get the trade in for as little as possible in each case. Also purchasers often feel uncomfortable about asking for a discount off the new cars retail price when trading in or financing their new purchase because they don’t feel entitled to ask because they are Trading In or Financing.

It is for these reasons that we introduced $3000 Minimum Trade In. We believe that we at ROYALE CARS, price our cars carefully and in line with current market retail prices, model for model. This means that whilst we advertise a $3000 MINIMUM TRADE IN, regardless of condition, you can expect to pay the normal retail price asked by many of our competitors selling the same model and yet still receive a top TRADE IN PRICE without having to feel you are BEGGING FOR IT or spend hours HAGGLING for their best price.

$3000 minimum trade in only applies to the Retail Price on the Supplier Information Notice displayed in each vehicle on our sales lot, NOT to the advertised special prices on our Website or in the Auto trader. The Minimum Trade In offer does not apply to any vehicle advertised on Trade Me.

Your old car does not need to be paid off!

If you still owe money on your old car, you can still trade it in ….NO PROBLEMS!. As an example, suppose you still owe $1800 on your old car. We will trade in your old car, for a MINIMUM TRADE of $3000. We will pay off your old car and that will leave you a $1200 credit balance that you can use as a deposit on your choice of newer car from ROYALE CARS, and that maybe all the deposit you require.

Regardless of condition!

Has your old car failed its warrant?, maybe you don’t even want to waste the $40 getting your next warrant check because you know it will fail. Has you old car just died?, NO PROBLEM!!!. THERE IS ONLY ONE CONDITION. YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR OLD CAR TO US, You can tow it in, push it in, or trailer it in, it’s your choice…Just get it in to ROYALE CARS and we will trade it in for $3000 MINIMUM TRADE. We will also trade CARAVANS, BOATS, TRAILERS, MOTORCYCLES etc… if in doubt, call us and we’ll talk about it, we have traded LIVESTOCK in the past.

What if my trade is really nice and worth more or is much newer? No problems!!!

Royale Cars will pay hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars more for your trade in if it is clean and tidy and re-saleable on our sales lot. We see your clean tidy trade in as an opportunity, not a problem. We are in the business of selling good motor vehicles and to maintain our stock levels we have to buy new stock on a daily basis, so if you have something to trade in, that we would normally buy anyway, we will pay top dollar for that trade in, because that makes our job easier.

No trade in... no problems!!!

Paying cash or financing, wanting a discount? Lets talk about the price! If you see something that you would like to buy on one of our yards or on the website and would like to make us an offer, please submit your offer and lets talk about it.


Usually financing a sparkling newer car from ROYALE CARS is easy. If you have paid off, or are paying off your trade in and have been paying your account well, we should have no trouble financing your next car purchased from us. We also have finance companies willing to finance new immigrants, beneficiaries, those with learner licenses and those that have had credit blemishes in the past, and who have rectified their mistakes.